Boondocks Parker

Parker, CO

Boondocks Parker Colorado is the debut of the newly branded Boondocks Food and Fun Center. With a new brand comes a new experience. The design concept Sunset Range centers on taking the classic Boondocks color palette and making it more mature and timeless while maintaining casual approachability. This concept represents a more mature Boondocks, but also speaks to the Colorado experience of nature and activity.

Each space within the large family entertainment and bowling facility expresses its own personality and variation on the design concept, encompassing all ages and experiences. Sunset Range is also expressed through the theming. A variety of materials, including wood, stone and metal, add to the depth of the experience. Furnishings and custom lighting solutions carefully created by the Designer imbue the spaces with warmth and comfort. Signature finishes, furniture and lighting are woven together to create an exceptional experience for all guests, impacting their lives in a grand way.