Prime Lending

Prime Lending chose Cornerstone to design their branded commercial space in the LEED-Platinum Banner Bank Building, and to add some creative flair to the office. Our team needed to work with the existing carpet and demountable wall finishes, so we selected a color palette that accentuates Prime Lending’s brand color of red, which introducing a sleek brushed aluminum for metal trims. A custom glass wall treatment with Prime Lending’s graphic greets visitors and employees immediately when they walk through the door, providing a visual anchor and sophistication that is unique to Prime alone. It also obscures the conference room glass walls, while allowing outside light to filter into the space. Furniture is comfortable, stylish and flexible. Contemporary art pieces and greenery add energetic visual interest to the space. Systems furniture was carefully laid out in the center of the office, with clear glass at the top of the panels to provide some acoustical privacy while embracing the penetrating natural light.