Tradewinds Office

Boise, Idaho

In this project, we created a functional meeting space that allows for spatial and display flexibility while making a statement with the innovative, upscale interior. The conference room serves as a showpiece to awe clients with the stature of a modern hotel lobby. The conference room conveys the company’s brand through the concept of prevailing pattern and echoes throughout the space in a translated way. A wood and metal wall application against white walls loosely mirrors the Tradewinds logo. The sitting area features darker materials in the bar with award display shelves, concealed cabinetry, and lounge chairs to give the space a more moody feel.

Function is a priority, with the application of a magnetic writeable glass board surface recessed into one wall that allows for loose papers to be ‘pinned’ up and write personalized messages and notes. A writable glass conference table is a central feature where the owner can make notes and sketch ideas out with clients.