Trudy Fouser, Gjording Fouser, PLLC

I think the end result exceeds the concepts that we initially started with. I was quite vague, at best, in telling you what I wanted and you somehow captured that and made it even better than I thought it could be. To me, my favorite is when I walk off of the elevator every morning and see the lobby. I think it is so beautiful, then my other favorite area is, of course, the other side that we took over. You helped us four years ago when we first started leasing here at 121 and then we expanded and that used to be kind of a dark space over there. After you were finished, I now love walking around that corner and seeing the lights and colors and love that new space.

One of my goals was not to have it look like a Law Firm but look like a Law Firm and you captured that because there’s a fine line when you go away from the traditional look of a law firm – you could get too much into where you might like a hotel, for example. People are commenting that they are so just taken with the difference from the traditional law firm yet still thinking and knowing they are in a law firm. Like I say, that’s a fine line and it’s easy to cross. You told me a couple of times because I tend to go or more of the, shall we say, “wild side” and you kind of drew me back in and said “no, remember this is a law firm” – but we didn’t want it to look like one and you did it!

I think if you want something done right, [people] really should go with you and Cornerstone because you pay critical attention to the details – way more than I do. Way more than the contractors, managers and owners do. I think we can even see some of that here, that you paid attention to that which the rest of us were willing to overlook. If you want a project from beginning to end, all facets of it, then Cornerstone is the place to go. You cover everything from the lighting to the furnishings, the wall coverings, the artwork, everything – so it’s nice to have one place to go to make sure that it’s all done right. Thank you very much.