Pete Ness, Pingman Tools

When I first saw the space, it was cluttered and dark. The space and the bricks were great, so knew that it could be more than it was. I had worked with Suzie before and called her, hoping for some better ideas for what to do here. Jordan and Suzie came up with idea of yellow, which – now that it’s in here – it’s beautiful, warm, friendly, fun and creative. This was something I had no idea I wanted before I called them. It’s been a great experience from the layout of the walls to the design of the cabinets, which are completely unique. The big open space integrating the clock, the video game machine, it just really captures the spirit of what I want this company to be. Jordan and Suzie did a great job of taking a vision out of my head that I hadn’t yet realized and turning it into this space. It was a great experience and I love the product.