Tommy Ahlquist, Gardner Company

It’s been just fantastic. I think you’ve listened to our vision and just matched up exactly where we were headed. The professionalism has been just great all the way through the whole process. We really appreciate that you took what we envisioned for the space and just embellished on that to make it what it is today. I think the collaborative space is perfect and just hit it out of the park for us. Our conference rooms are great, the flow and vibe of this space is exactly what we wanted to have. Retrofitting an older building, bringing in some new light and open designs works just perfect for us. It’s fun to come to work and everyone that comes in here, especially the old Attorneys (who officed here for years) come in and can’t believe it’s the same space. We did relatively little with remodel, it’s all finish – in vision and design and some modern changes.