Tommy Ahlquist, US Bank Plaza Lobby

Well we were nervous because there is a brand new building in downtown Boise that is very modern, new and exciting. The U.S. Bank building was built in 1979 and so needed an element that would bring excitement and some of that same creativity that’s involved in our new building into this old building. We knew that Jordan at Cornerstone was exactly who could help us do that. We presented her with a kind of concept idea of how do we make this come alive and fit with the rest of the project, to really harmonize and bring the tenants and people that come into the building that same feeling. She took it from there, it was so easy to go through the process with her because right from the initial color boards, it felt good and as though it really lifted the building and changed the perception of this building.

Since it’s been installed, it’s been incredible because we’re not even done yet with the full lobby “feel” — just the light and vibrancy it’s brought. We’ve had many tenants call and just say that this is fantastic and it’s really changed the whole building. It’s hard to pull this off, to have an art piece that also functions and I think that’s been the best comments we have received with people asking “how did you make this fit, light the space so well and be a piece of art that functions so well?” When we do all of our marketing, we are going to highlight this – it will be the first thing you see when you come here, I think it will be the center of the Plaza.